Ninja? Be Careful What You Advertise For

Ninja? Be careful what you advertise for

Really? Ninja? Be careful what you advertise for. If you ask for a ‘ninja’ marketer, PR assistant (or, heaven help us, a ‘ninja’ editor), then beware.

This rather bizarre descriptor has become quite common in job ads. And then there are the other favourites: ‘superhero’, ‘rockstar’ and a few others. Leave them in if you must but be warned. Here’s what you can expect….

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Yes, You Need an Editor

Yes, you need an editor

Who needs an editor?  I just use a spell-checker’. That‘s something I hear quite often – usually from people who need help, but don’t want to admit it.

What about you? Yes, you need an editor, too. Most of us do. 

That’s because editing is not just about correcting mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammar. A sophisticated text checker can do that. Well, sometimes. Perhaps.

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100% Human: 30-Day Challenge

100{11160ee7c5976bb536bb36ef6568f50288c59a012b0577b4fcfb816769d706a4} Human 30 day challenge

It’s a busy life. There are people moving in and out of your day. There are interruptions, activity, noise, and technology all around you. Do you ever feel it’s hard to be 100% human?

You might feel hurried, stressed, or overwhelmed. Even if you’re healthily busy, going about your daily routines at home or at work, most days there’s at least one point where you seem to disappear.

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