Ninja? Be Careful What You Advertise For

Ninja? Be careful what you advertise for

Really? Ninja? Be careful what you advertise for. If you ask for a ‘ninja’ marketer (or PR assistant or, heaven help us, a ‘ninja’ editor), then beware.

This rather bizarre descriptor has become quite common in job ads. Leave it in if you really want to, but at least think twice.

Ninja? Be Careful What You Advertise For

Personally, I can’t think of anything worse.

Traditionally, ninjas are nefarious undercover agents – spies, basically – who are experts in dissimulation, disguise and trickery. They have ruthless singularity of purpose, a preference for isolation, and few friends.

Worse still, they tend to whizz sharp objects at you, and practise parkour around the office. Although they are extremely agile, they tend to take huge, unexpected backward leaps.

Is that really what you’re looking for in an employee?

Perhaps it’s the ‘agile’ bit that seems attractive to 21st century job advertisers, but that’s an extremely boring buzzword for another day. 

Advice: Explain what you really want. The best potential applicants will probably steer clear of ‘ninja’ vacancies and take their skills elsewhere.

While you’re here… also think twice about seeking applicants who are prepared to answer to the description of: ‘rockstar’, ‘superstar’, ‘superhero’, ‘guru’, or just generally ‘awesome’. 

All traps for the unwary. Hire them at your peril.

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