Skills development

Human skills have never been more important.

In many workplaces practices and processes are not always ‘people friendly’. As a result, managers often give the human element low priority. Some fail to consider it at all.

My focus is to put the individual front and centre. The programs I have put together will help you and your staff to strengthen the human skills in your organisation. 

I have a strong background in personal and professional learning and development. I am always happy to share what I know.

Focus on Human Skills

Contact me. We can talk about a topic you have in mind. Alternatively,  you can choose one from my list (below).

I can adapt learning materials to suit your individual situation.

Popular topics: 

  •   Being human in the workplace
  •   Building bridges between generations
  •   Communication: let’s make a deal
  •   Conflict:  resolve or dissolve?
  •   Decision-making without fear
  •   Freelancing without flipping out
  •   Goal setting: S.M.A.R.T.  M.O.V.E.S.
  •   Humanaging your time and tasks 
  •   Leadership styles for real people
  •   Living, working and staying well
  •   Managing Mondays … and beyond 
  •   Motivation: start your engine
  •   Negotiation: not-so-dirty dancing
  •   S.M.A.R.T. meetings; it’s about human respect
  •   Stress: it’s what’s inside that counts  
  •   Understanding human personality types.

For each topic, the content is available as:

A Learning Guide – an attractively presented booklet with accompanying practical activities. You can choose print or electronic formats. Staff can work through materials at their own pace. Alternatively, use the guide to help you design your own learning sessions.

A DIY Presentation – a Learning Guide with accompanying visual presentations, and step by step instructions. It will equip you, or your in-house specialist, to deliver the learning. The material suits small or medium groups in your organisation.

Choose the format that suits you best:

  • Single topic sessions 
  • Half-day seminars (2-3 related topics)
  • Whole-day workshops (4-5 related topics) 
  • A custom-designed series.

Core learning and supporting materials are provided for each topic. This includes learning outlines, participants’ notes and slide decks.

You can conduct learning sessions on your own premises. It will save you time and travel costs.  

I can customise all Learning Guides and Presentations to suit business, educational or community settings. 

Why not contact me to discuss your Human Skills development program?