Rethink Communications: 6 Cool Tips

rethink communications

Time to rethink communications. It’s summer – at least, in the Southern Hemisphere it is. And the New Year is a good time to prepare for the year ahead.

Are you still on a holiday break? Or perhaps you’re back at work, experiencing the post-festivities lull before everything speeds up again.

Either way, here are 6 cool tips to help you be the ‘hot ticket’ this summer (or any time).

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Visual Techniques: Let Me Show You What I Mean

Visual techniques

You probably use a variety of visual techniques – things that are designed to appeal to the eye.

Obviously, they are used widely in what are primarily ‘visual texts’ – e.g. advertisements, brochures, flyers, and posters. They might be images, banners, shapes, etc. that accompany text. They might or might not include words.

There are other important visual techniques, though, that add an extra dimension to texts that are primarily written.

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