100% Human: 30-Day Challenge

100{11160ee7c5976bb536bb36ef6568f50288c59a012b0577b4fcfb816769d706a4} Human 30 day challenge

It’s a busy life. There are people moving in and out of your day. There are interruptions, activity, noise, and technology all around you. Do you ever feel it’s hard to be 100% human?

You might feel hurried, stressed, or overwhelmed. Even if you’re healthily busy, going about your daily routines at home or at work, most days there’s at least one point where you seem to disappear.

To be 100% human, you need to make time and space for your physical self, your thoughts, your feelings and your sensations.

For at least a short while every day, surround yourself with you, and the people and things that are important to you.

Take the 100% Human 30-Day Challenge

Do something for your Mind, your Body and your Spirit.

Every. Single. Day.

Start whenever you are ready. Use my suggestions, posted here every day, or write your own.

It begins here

Day 0:   Write your plan.  Commit to it.  And start tomorrow.

Day 1:    Learn 5 new words.  Try a new food.  Contact an old friend.

Day 2:    Make a reading list.  Have a vegetarian day.  Stroke/cuddle an animal.

Day 3:    Do a crossword puzzle.  Do 10 sit-ups.  Read a poem.

Day 4:    Name your high school teachers.  Take a walk at sunset.  Draw a bird.

Day 5:    Learn ‘I love you’ in 5 different languages.  Have a really good s–t–r–e–t–c–h.  Examine a painting.

Day 6:    Write a funny limerick.  Have an ice cream.  Reminisce about your first home.

Day 7:    Look up how to do CPR.  Give yourself a facial.  Relax and meditate.

Day 8:    Browse an atlas.  Have an alcohol-free day.  Listen to a whole album.

Day 9:    Write a Letter to the Editor.  Sleep in.  Write someone a real letter.

Day 10:  Critique a film. Eat cake.  Stroke/cuddle someone you love. 

You’re one-third of the way there …

Day 11: Start to read a novel.  Have a ‘no screens’ day.  Give yourself an ‘award’. 

Day 12: Start to write a story.  Spend 10 minutes in the sunlight.  Write a love note to…?

Day 13: Learn 15 world capitals.  Eat 3 green things.  Make a cake for a friend.

Day 14: Do an IQ test.  Make all today’s meals from scratch.  Have a bubble bath.

Day 15: Finish a Maths puzzle.  Skip with a rope.  Buy nothing today.

Day 16:  Research an ancient civilisation.  Walk to the next suburb.  Think about your first love.

Day 17:  Read about a famous artist.  Do 20 situps.  Go on a date.

Day 18:  Learn about a new medical breakthrough.  Discover a new cheese.  Sing a song from your childhood.

Day 19:  Remember your high school geometry.  Dig in the soil.  Look at photos of your parents.

Day 20:  Learn how to mend something.  Climb some stairs.  Dream about a holiday.

Ten days to go …

Day 21:  Find out what happened On This Day in history.  Have an early night.  Promise yourself something.

Day 22:  Do a memory exercise.  Spring clean a room.  Tell 3 loved ones you love them.

Day 23:  Revise/refresh your resume.  Take a walk at sunrise.  Buy a plant.

Day 24:  Say your times tables aloud.  Rediscover your garden.  Visit a gallery.

Day 25:  Plan how you’d spend a million dollars.  Do 25 situps.  Have a ‘no screens’ day.

Day 26: Recite a poem you learned at school. Wash the car by hand. Wear your absolutely favourite outfit.

Day 27: Take a general knowledge quiz. Prune some shrubs. Congratulate yourself on 3 great achievements.

Day 28: Do an EQ test. Do absolutely nothing for half an hour. Tell someone why you appreciate him/her.

Day 29: Don’t watch the news. Drink something you’ve never tasted. Hide your phone.

Day 30: Make a reading list for next month. Practise pushups for next month. Binge watch a TV series.

Congratulations! You’ve finished

Want to do another month’s challenge? or encourage someone else?

If you would like this free, and editable, 30-Day Challenge template, just ask me.

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