Yes, You Need an Editor

Yes, you need an editor

Who needs an editor?  I just use a spell-checker’. That‘s something I hear quite often – usually from people who need help, but don’t want to admit it.

What about you? Yes, you need an editor, too. Most of us do. 

That’s because editing is not just about correcting mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammar. A sophisticated text checker can do that. Well, sometimes. Perhaps.

Editors should improve the overall effect of your writing. They often start with structure, because there must be a logical flow of ideas.

They make sure every point is clear. If not, they rewrite vague or awkward phrases, choosing words carefully and using them accurately.

Editors also focus on pace and rhythm, so your writing will take your readers where you want them to go.

A good editor makes absolutely sure that every piece is perfectly styled.

  • The language, tone and expression should be appropriate for the form of the text.
  • Every piece should be specifically crafted to suit your purpose.
  • Your writing must appeal to your chosen audience.

When your work is edited professionally, your readers should ‘hear’ a consistent ‘voice’ in every sentence and paragraph. It must be your authentic voice. Your editor simply makes sure your readers hear it at its best.

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