Yes, You Need an Editor

I don’t need an editor, because I use a spell-checker’.

Unfortunately, the people who say that are often those who really do need an editor.  Editing involves a lot more than correcting errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

A sophisticated text checker can do that. Perhaps. Sometimes. An editor enhances a text, by giving it a consistent ‘voice’, appropriate expression, and a smooth logical flow of ideas.

A good editor makes absolutely sure that every piece is perfectly styled – and that its language and tone are suited to the form of the text, and to your specific purpose and audience.

Above all, when your work is edited professionally, the voice your readers ‘hear  in every sentence is still your authentic voice. Your editor simply makes sure they hear it to best advantage.

Need advice or practical help with your publications?

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Some of my recent projects

Full length texts:

    • Educational handbooks. Twin publications, designed for parents and teachers, these texts encourage active and informed involvement in education.
    • A family cookbook. As well as superb recipes, it has chapters that focus on growing produce, creating fresh healthy meals, and encouraging children to be aware and adventurous about food.
    • A comprehensive text on environmental sustainability. It addresses contemporary attitudes to consumerism and waste.
    • Music education has a fascinating history. This text explores the interface between music and technology.
    • A reading education guide, from an expert in the field.

Articles and web copy for sites related to:

    • Entrepreneurship
    • Small business and industry
    • Travel and tourism
    • Media and technology
    • Financial management
    • Education
    • Health, nutrition and lifestyle

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