Write Effective Web Content

Write effective web content

Unless you write on your site as a form of therapy, your top priority should be to write effective web content, with a definite purpose, and for a defined audience. It’s not about you; it’s all about your readers.

Write with your readers in mind

Make sure you keep your current readers happy. There are good reasons why you should.

First, various studies show that acquiring a new client costs 5-25% more than retaining an existing one.

Second, more than 80% of customers say that their experience of a company rates more highly than product or price.

Given these statistics, whatever you can do to hold on to your readers by offering them a good experience when they visit, will help you win the numbers game.

Obviously, you also want to expand your reader base.

Your content should:

  • Draw readers’ attention to your pages and posts
  • Attract as many new readers as possible
  • Keep your readers coming back for more
  • Inspire readers to become clients

Staying connected to current and potential clients is crucial, and if you write effective web content, you have several opportunities to make sure that happens.

To achieve your main purpose – engaging your readers – the written content on your website must be:

  • Updated regularly to offer something new and fresh
  • Useful and relevant, and of the highest possible quality
  • Visually attractive
  • Accurate and appropriate in terms of language and style

Stay current

If you regularly post new material to your website, your readers are more likely to return. Think about your own website viewing patterns. Do you bookmark and return to sites that remain static? Almost certainly not.

Top websites are those that keep you in touch with what’s happening. They have new and varied content, and give you regular updates.

If you frequently add new material you will help your ranking on search engines, mainly because they are designed to give preference to more active sites.

Find out more by reading 7 Ways To Increase Web Traffic.

If you want to convert your readers into return visitors who might become clients, however, increased web traffic isn’t enough.

Offer high quality

Effective web content is high quality web content. It must be useful, and relevant.

Readers gauge the quality of a post by what it offers, and the way you have presented it.

They need to feel that your content is worth the time they spend reading it.

What does your content offer?

Readers want to learn new information, discover an alternative approach, or consider another perspective.

They might welcome your opinions, your expertise, or even your enthusiasm.

They also expect to see evidence that you have put thought, skill and effort into your writing.

The content must have clear purpose, accurate and intelligent language, a consistent style and a logical flow of ideas, at the very least.

Have you presented your content in the best possible way?

Consider the visual aspects (see the checklist below)

Write effective web copy for maximum effect

write effective webcopy

Before you publish your post, work through this useful checklist:

Think about how it’s written

  • Does it have a clear purpose?
  • Have you pitched it to the audience you want to attract?
  • Is it up to date, accurate and relevant?
  • Is it genuinely informative and/or entertaining?
  • Have you written an original piece, rather than a rehash or computer-spun rip-off?
  • Is it coherent, well structured, and written in clear, readable language?
  • Does it reflect your real personality, rather than a ‘borrowed’ identity?

Consider how it looks

  • Does it have an engaging title?
  • Have you written clear, eye-catching headings and subheadings?
  • Is the font attractive, easy to read and of the right size for the page?
  • For clarity and variety, are there dot-point lists, where appropriate?
  • Is there sufficient white space, for comfortable reading?
  • Have you included appropriate images that complement or help tell the story?
  • Is the overall layout visually appealing?

If you answered ‘No’, or ‘I’m not sure’ to any of these questions, you might need some assistance.

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