Misplaced Modifiers: Babies Who Smoke

misplaced modifiers

There should be penalties for women having babies who smoke.
What? Babies smoking? Has to be something wrong there.

I opened the door to the delivery man wearing my best party dress.
But why on earth was he wearing it?

Seriously, though, the big problem with these sentences is a common one: it’s the problem of misplaced modifiers

They are everywhere. They can totally mangle the meaning of a sentence. And, in some cases, they are just downright comical.

Find out how to spot them (and fix them).

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100% Human: 30-day Challenge

100% Human 30 day challenge

It’s a busy life. There are people moving in and out of your day. There are interruptions, activity, noise, and technology all around you. Do you ever feel it’s hard to be 100% human?

You might feel hurried, stressed, or overwhelmed. Even if you’re healthily busy, going about your daily routines at home or at work, most days there’s at least one point where you seem to disappear.

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