Trite: Just Tired And Worn Out

If you were to ask one hundred people for the definition of ‘trite’, I predict a large percentage would say it means ‘silly’, ‘superficial’, ‘inconsequential’, ‘trivial’ or something similar. That’s not what it means, though.

We can use one or more of those words to describe something which also happens to be trite, but the words aren’t directly related. None of the words is a synonym of ‘trite’.

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Networking – Let’s Spell It Out

Networking – let’s spell it out

Networking is one of the essential ingredients of success. Ask a successful person!

But what is it? The shorthand version might go something like this: 

The ABC of networking

A is for Attitude. It’s your approach, your personality and how you incorporate it into your life. It’s social.

B is for Business. It’s professional, systematic and a vital part of your work. It’s practical.

C is for Communication. It’s two-way interaction, effective messaging and clarity. It’s interpersonal.

OK… It might not be as easy as A.B.C. Maybe it’s more like N.E.T.W.O.R.K.I.N.G.

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May Or Might? Or What?

Photo credit: Diana Polekhina

Just one of the brilliant things about a shared language is that it brings clarity of meaning. Whenever we communicate, we should at least try to avoid ambiguity and confusion. A discussion about whether to use ‘may’ or ‘might’ illustrates this point really well.

I’ll start with a couple of statements. They are not hard and fast rules but, if you follow them most of the time, you won’t go far wrong.

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