Ninja? Be Careful What You Advertise For

Ninja? Be careful what you advertise for

Really? Ninja? Be careful what you advertise for. If you ask for a ‘ninja’ marketer, PR assistant (or, heaven help us, a ‘ninja’ editor), then beware.

This rather bizarre descriptor has become quite common in job ads. And then there are the other favourites: ‘superhero’, ‘rockstar’ and a few others. Leave them in if you must but be warned. Here’s what you can expect….
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Translation: Ran Blake – A Man in Black

Ran Blake @ Bach Dancing & Dynamite Society Half Moon Bay CA 6/14/1987

I’ve just finished a translation of ‘Ran Blake – Un Homme En Noir’. It’s a comprehensive study by expert French music critic, P. L. Renou. The article focuses on American pianist, composer, and educator Ran Blake, and the central relationship between his music and ‘film noir’. Continue reading “Translation: Ran Blake – A Man in Black”

The Work-Life Balance Myth

Photo credit: Casey Horner

Is the concept of ‘work-life balance’ not working for you? There could be good reasons for that. You might be buying into the work-life balance myth.

Like any myth, it’s tied up with belief. We all like to believe there’s a way to have it all.

It’s the real world, though, and you, your family and your staff are human beings. In daily life, you cannot totally separate the human and the personal aspects from what you might consider the ‘work’ components. 

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Misplaced Modifiers: Babies Who Smoke

misplaced modifiers

There should be penalties for women having babies who smoke.
What? Babies smoking? Has to be something wrong there.

I opened the door to the delivery man wearing my best party dress.
But why on earth was he wearing it?

Seriously, though, the big problem with these sentences is a common one: it’s the problem of misplaced modifiers

They are everywhere. They can totally mangle the meaning of a sentence. And, in some cases, they are just downright comical.

Find out how to spot them (and fix them).

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