Working with Australian Business

working with Australian business

I spend a lot of time working with Australian business. Is your business Australian? Are you presenting it in the best possible way?

Do you want to reach a local audience? Or are you sending your message around the world?

Wherever your voice is heard, it should be clear, authoritative and genuinely Australian. And that’s because your business is Australian.

Australian Made

People tend to see Australian Made products as ‘well made’. The official Australian Made logo – the gold kangaroo on a green triangle – reinforces that idea.

It is administered by Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL), a not-for-profit company,  and is under contract from the Federal Government.

Read more about it here.

‘The logo has a proven 34-year track record in making the Australian connection, here and overseas’, according to Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, Ben Lazzaro.

‘It has become one of the most powerful sales and marketing assets for businesses that make and grow products locally. The logo makes the Australian connection instantly, clearly, and with authority’, he says.

That’s because it stands for quality.

Working with Australian business 2

Working with Australian business

My business is Australian, too. I love working with Australian business, because it connects me with Australians around the country.

I do lots of different things every week, but mostly I help clients to make their Australian businesses the best they can be. I’d like to work with yours.

Do you want to make your ‘Australian’ voice heard?

Then contact me at any time.

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