Working with Australian Business

Are you presenting your Australian business in the best possible way?

You might want to reach a local or national audience. Perhaps your message goes around the world.

Wherever your voice is heard, it should be clear, authoritative and genuinely Australian. And that’s because your business is Australian.

So is mine. And I particularly enjoy working with other Australian businesses.

In any given week, I might:

  • prepare articles, learning materials, and e-books to share with interested clients
  • act as a ‘message-shaper’ to convert clients’ expertise and practical knowledge into engaging and accurately targeted copy
  • work with clients to design promotional materials for exciting new Australian products or services
  • produce professionally written content for websites and blogs
  • offer editing advice on anything from manuscripts to media releases, résumés to reports

It’s great to be involved in presenting Australian businesses at their best.

I’d like to be involved in yours.

Contact me at any time.

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