That Summer Place

It’s summer.

Are you still on a break? Or are you already back at work, experiencing that post-holiday lull before everything speeds up again?

Either way, now’s the time to reassess, and prepare for the year ahead.

As you organise your day, block out some time to plan for 2020, and make sure you’re ready for any opportunities that come your way.

6 Cool Tips For The Hot Days Ahead

1  Revisit Your Career Goals.

When you wrote them last year, you had clear directions in mind. Are you still on track? Have you ticked off all your 2019 goals? Or did you at least take action that brought you closer to achieving them?

Didn’t write any last January? Never mind. Every year is a new start. Go straight to Tip #2

2  Set Some SMART Goals For 2020

Most of us know what SMART goals are. They’ve been around for a long time, but that’s because they work.

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely goals have process and incentives ‘built-in’. That means added value.

Read more about Smart Goals

3  Do A Communications Audit 

Whether you have a job, or run your own business, you want to send the right messages – all the time.

Refresh your résumé.

If it’s been languishing in the dark, why not give it an extra summer shine. It’s easier to keep your work history and relevant skills up to date if you revise them regularly. Your next dream job could be on the horizon, and if your CV is looking good, the process of applying will be less of a hassle.

You could be the ‘hot ticket’ this summer.

Re-examine your business communications.

Take a fresh look at your website, your blog, your brochures – and even your letter and email templates. How will they look to a potential client?

Is your message consistent?

Are your communications exactly right for your purpose, and for your target market?

Does your style convey what your business is about?

Does everything you send out say, “We are expert professionals”?

Communications matter. 

You might be looking for employment, promoting your goods and services, or writing content.  Regardless of what you are communicating, the way you do it really makes a difference.

A clumsy sentence, grammatical and spelling errors, or a poor choice of style can send the wrong message about you.

Get your communications right for 2020.

4  Update Your Contact List 

Now is the perfect time to make sure you have contact details for prospects, clients, new introductions, and ‘those people who gave you their cards at those networking events’.

Find the business cards, the scraps of paper, and the emails, and file all the details in your contact book or on a spreadsheet. Don’t forget to add a brief note about each person’s role and interest areas, and the context of your meeting.

5  Talk To ME

If you agree it’s a time for reassessment and you need help in any of these areas, then please get in touch.

I can offer useful tools to help you set directions and goals for the year ahead, and spruce up your personal or business communications.

And as for that contact list, feel free to add Janette Parr Consulting.

6  There Is No #6

Except to say: It’s summer, so break out the cool drinks, ask a few friends around, and don’t forget the sunscreen!

Enjoy your summer!

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