Books for Sales

books for sales

Books for sales means just that – more sales of your products or services. An e-book is the perfect showcase for your expert knowledge, or to spread the word about the products or services you provide.

Do you have an idea for a book to give away, or sell in your market niche? Talk to a professional writer now.

Everyone loves a free gift

Do you want to attract quality, potential clients to your website? Rather than simply tell them how your expertise can benefit them, why not show them, in detail? A free book is the best type of advertisement. You’re providing your clients with a useful resource, and a ‘try before you buy’ sample of the value you can offer. 

It’s a great ‘point of difference’, and a cost-effective way to put your message where it will count most – into the hands of interested potential clients.

Alternatively you might choose to offer your existing clients some added value – with your compliments!

Books for sales – and for sale!

Lots of experts, in various fields, produce books to sell to their target markets. Your knowledge, skills and experience could be ideal material for a ‘how-to’ book.  You can offer your valuable expertise in book form, to complement or extend the service you already provide to your clients, and create an extra income stream for yourself at the same time.

The avenues available for self-publishing make the process easier than ever before.

Not everyone is a writer

When you need work done around the house, you bring in the specialists. Writing is no different. There’s a lot of poorly written material around.

It’s mainly because people who are very skilled in their own fields, decide to go D.I.Y. when it comes to writing. That doesn’t always produce a great result.

It’s even worse when they think that the content AI tools churn out is an adequate substitute for genuine, thoughtful, original writing.

You don’t have to be an expert at everything. And you don’t want to have inane, robotic texts that sound like a million others.

When you are ready to make your book a reality, call in the professionals.

Need advice? Need a writer?

Whether you want a promotional fact sheet, a giveaway booklet, or a book to sell online, contact me for guidance, or for practical help.

I can draft an outline, using materials you provide, and your ‘dot point’ answers to a list of questions. Then, with instructions from you about the highlights of your message, we’ll get to work. After a phone call or two, to check on direction and details, the finished product will be on its way to you.

Find out more about how we can work together.

You can choose from a range of options – in terms of length, format, and style. When the book looks exactly the way you want it, I can also advise you about the next steps to take.

Alternatively, if you’ve already made a start, and need some help with editing and shaping your text, we can work together to produce the final, polished version.

Let’s talk about how to put your book out there.