Valuable Business Partnerships

Most of us have written those all-important promotional letters, to let businesses and community organisations know what we can do for them. We tend to focus on how we can help them directly:  with professional communications, web design, marketing, financial services, and so on.

Here’s an idea that is often overlooked.

Productive partnerships

It might be worth considering the concept of building partnerships: working with rather than for businesses you consider to be ‘influencers’. This typically means that your business makes a connection with a company that has an established client base. You might provide services that complement those that the influencers already offer to their clients.

The key is to connect businesses that logically work together. The aim is to add value to both. Lots of businesses already do this successfully.

Property stylists join forces with real estate agents, who can then offer vendors the option of purchasing interior decoration and ‘staging’ services to attract buyers.

Hairdressers and manicurists recommend one another’s services and sometimes offer packaged deals.

The wedding planning industry is expert in the game – often linking with caterers, photographers, entertainers and endless others.

With a little lateral thinking, professional writers can use the same methods. Students often ask coaching and tutoring businesses if they can recommend editors and proofreaders. If printing businesses or web-design firms, for example, can suggest expert writing services to their clients, it helps their business and brings work to writers.

Be the added value

Your network should include those who have businesses in entirely different fields. If a client requires a service that is outside your area of expertise, you can recommend someone who can provide it. That’s good business. Offering this support means, of course, that your contacts will do the same for you. The benefits are obvious

The promotional letter

Obviously you will need to write an effective promotional letter, pointing out all the benefits of forming a connection with another business, for mutual gain.

Use it to contact potential partners for your business; you could soon build your client base.

One of my first paid business writing jobs was to compose such a letter for a client who was looking for an ‘influencer’ as a partner. It’s worth trying … and you have nothing to lose.

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