Public Speaking … Who, Me?

Public speaking can be a challenge.  Some people believe it is the single most difficult, and most terrifying thing they are ever asked to do.

You might be preparing for an important business presentation. Or getting ready for a tough job interview. Perhaps you’ve been asked to give a speech at your best friend’s wedding.

Whatever the task, there are three basic things that you need to include in your planning. I have covered these three  areas, and much more,  in a new book:  Public Speaking …who, me?

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Books for Sale(s)

Do you want to attract quality, potential clients to your website?

Are you keen to show them, in detail, how your expertise can benefit them?

Have you come up with an idea for a book you could sell in your market niche?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then why not engage a professional writer to create an e-book that you can offer to potential or existing clients? Continue reading “Books for Sale(s)”

Anyone for French?

Would you like to learn French? You can have individual lessons, or organise a group of friends and learn together.

Or perhaps you’d like a glimpse of French culture, and find out about what to see and do on your visit to France?

Why not arrange a short course?

You can focus on learning the language, or just enjoy an illustrated ‘virtual visit’. There’s a range of options available.

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Ran Blake – A Man in Black

‘Ran Blake – un homme en noir’, P. L. Renou (in  Bibliothèque(s), Paris)

I’ve just finished translating a comprehensive article, by expert French music critic, P. L. Renou. The article focuses on musician Ran Blake, and the relationship between his music and ‘film noir’.

If you need translation services (French to English), please contact me.